My goal isn't to be famous — it is to make your project a success. That's what makes me happy. I work hard to make that happen.

Here are the services I provide and the tools I provide them with . . .

Personal Service

  • Responsive to calls, emails and texts.
  • Keep you informed during the process


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI (desktop & mobile)
  • Responsive Design


  • CMS Integration (e.g. WordPress, EE, Django)
  • Custom Application Front-end Development


Familiar With

  • Rails
  • Python
  • PHP
  • XCode
  • Lots of other stuff (15 years experience)

Note: Hank Hill & Kermit the Frog impressions are complimentary.

A Bit of Ironic Horn Tooting

I have worked closely with Mark for over seven years, and he is among the most hard working, gifted, and diligent in the industry.  Given the choice, I have and would hire him every time.

Matt Heerema, Principle Mere Agency

It's rare to find someone exceptionally gifted and generous; that's what you get with Mark. All skill, no ego.

Jon Bailey, Founder Lightstock

Mark is one of those designers that makes me fall in love with this profession all over again. His designs are so classic and intuitive. I had the pleasure of coding one of his layouts once and I'd do it again 100 times.

Natalie Jost, Designer / Curator @ Olive Manna

Mark is next to none in the quality of design he attains and the character he upholds while doing so. He is an absolute pleasure working with and someone I hasten to work with as often as possible. He is highly recommended.

Shane Thacker, Associate Creative Director @ Ligonier Ministries

Mark is an award-winning designer who both creates and understands the business needs that drive a project. I have used his company on several projects and would highly recommend his work.

Drew Goodmanson, CEO MonkDev